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C8 seeks to empower professional investors to deliver better performance.

C8 is designed to support institutions, platforms, RIAs and Family Offices with a marketplace, portfolio allocation tools and execution.

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C8 Wealth for US Professional Financial Advisors

C8 Wealth brings the first end to end indexing platform to advisors starting with risk managed profiling.

Advisors can select from over 700 index strategies to customize their own model portfolios with C8 Analytics.

Advisors and clients can build optimal portfolio blends that meet the risk profile requirements. The Research Team is ready to provide support.

C8 Studio for Professional Investment Managers

The First Global Market-Place for Asset Owners, Funds, Banks and Index Providers. See more...

Customised investment solutions are easily built with quantitative tools available in C8 Toolbox . These created Indices may also act as inputs to other Toolbox functions when refining an investment solution. Finally, portfolio solutions are realised through C8 Execution Service .

C8 Execution Services allows clients to implement their desired investment thesis via brokers of their choice. Exposure can be gained in different ways through:

  • Executing underlying instruments
  • Certificates
  • Managed accounts
  • Total Return Swap

C8 Solution Unique Investment Solutions

C8 Alpha is a collaborative ecosystem providing technology & investment consulting to CFAs and CIOs looking to create and design specific strategies.

C8 works with corporations, family offices, government agencies, advisors, banks, custodians and money managers to take a variety of investment theses to complete investment solutions.

News and Updates

User Stories

CES Capital: Treasury


China Eastern Airlines Capital seeks to get uncorrelated returns via the local Chinese futures markets. Via the C8 Toolbox, a Trend following and Risk Premia Overlay was created over the 30 most liquid Chinese futures contracts with a client-specific risk target.

A cloud-based server was set up in the Alibaba cloud in China, where C8 installed C8X (C8’s execution platform), adjusted for China, on the cloud server. C8 integrated C8X against the client’s broker to enable the index reweighting to be traded electronically via their API.

The client logs into the server, generate the day’s orders in C8X and sends them to their broker. The electronic trading is monitored via C8X, and the broker’s reporting system and the filled trades are received electronically and automatically populate the portfolios in C8X. Finally, a transaction report is uploaded into the client’s back-office system. The automated process typically takes 20 minutes per day, with C8 always available for support.

GreenBlue with Overlay: Certificate


Green Blue Invest is a Swiss-based advisory firm dedicated to identifying the best solutions in impact and ESG investing, has partnered with C8 Technologies to bring an innovative index to market.

The Green Blue proprietary Stewardship model delivers a governance measure for the constituents of the S&P 500, while C8 Tool-box provides an overlay and the execution services.

The C8 overlay is a tilted factor model that combines well-governed stock into an optimal, risk-managed portfolio to capture a governance premia.

The index is available as a listed certificate on the Frankfurt stock exchange and a direct-indexed portfolio solution.

Pinorena Capital: Alternative Risk Premia


Pinorena Capital is a European Family office seeking liquid, diversified and robust investment strategies exhibiting consistent performance.

Using The C8 Toolbox, they have built a portfolio of un-correlated overlay strategies to meet their specific risk mandate. The portfolio comprises Commodities, Fixed Income, Fx and Equities Risk Premia, encompassing over 30 individual premia. Re-balancing monthly, this highly diversified portfolio presents a consistent performance at low levels of risk.

Exposure to this highly bespoke portfolio strategy is achieved through direct-indexing via a broker of their choice, in this case, Saxo Bank with integration was done by C8.

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C8 has its offices in key locations.

London Office
Michelin House
81 Fulham Rd
New York Office
477 Madison Avenue
New York,
Ireland Office
Lee View House
13 South Terrace
Hong Kong Office
Rooms 1101A-4
China Evergrande Centre
38 Gloucester Road
Madrid Office
C/ Matias Turrión 24 Bis 1º
28043 Madrid
Milan Office
Via Olona 12
20123 Milan
Shanghai Office
Room 3AN204F
Kerry Parkside
1155 FangDian Road
Pudong District

C8 is a fintech company that believes in empowering its clients through technology, giving users the freedom to choose, combine and trade strategies sourced from its platform.

C8 Technologies was established in 2017 in London by Mattias Eriksson and Ebrahim Kasenally, previously partners and senior executives at BlueCrest Capital Management - one of the largest global alternative investment management firms. C8 combines decades of investment research with experience in innovative trading technology.


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